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Change username

Started by akghetto, February 21, 2010, 06:55:29 PM

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Is there any streamlined way to change your user name?  I used my real name as my user name, but I'd rather my user name be my domain name for instance for RDNS and the like.  Otherwise, can I re-register and transfer my existing tunnels to the new account?




AFAIK, the answer to both of these questions is "no"

Alex would be the one to ask though...you would be better off emailing "ipv6@he.net" and asking them.


Thanks.  I just emailed them.  We'll see what happens.  :)



We can do it, time/workload permitting, and if your requested username isn't in use.

However the quickest way to accomplish this is to create a new account, delete your old tunnels and create them under the new account. Then email us asking to close out your old account. That requires almost no involvement by us, which means less waiting around to see if we get to it.


Resurrecting this old thread cause I was searching for the same thing, and went on creating the new account as Broquea suggested..

I realized one thing tho.. I have a domain configured on dns.he.net, so I'm not sure what would happen when I claim the old tunnel from the previous username.. as it states "the old account will be deleted"

Will the zone configuration be copied over too after a claim? Or should I contact support and see if it's possible to delete this fresh new account and rename the previous?

I can always find new ways to complicate things =P