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Failing at enthusiast level with "Could not grab the file via IPv6 HTTP"

Started by sjy2, February 19, 2011, 10:27:20 PM

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Hello all!

I've seen several posts on the above Enthusiast level certification, that the named file can not be recalled from the domain, and this has oftentimes been a caching  issue on a HE server? AFAICT my AAAA domain is active, I can WGET the file in question, and http://www.ipv6-test.com/ seems to indicate all is well.

Could someone please test the following?: http://sjy2ipv61.mooo.com/iyy3tk6i3v.txt Or otherwise offer advice on how to best resolve this issue.




DNS looks fine, but I think it's a firewall issue?

[carl@mars ~]$ wget -6 http://sjy2ipv61.mooo.com/iyy3tk6i3v.txt
--2011-02-20 09:21:07--  http://sjy2ipv61.mooo.com/iyy3tk6i3v.txt
Resolving sjy2ipv61.mooo.com... 2001:470:7:b88::2
Connecting to sjy2ipv61.mooo.com|2001:470:7:b88::2|:80... ^C

Lookup is fine, but I can't connect to your webserver.  I assume you've already checked to see that your HTTP server is listening on IPv6, so I'd check your firewall


Hello sjy2,

The test from http://www.ipv6-test.com/validate.php failed now (DNS record are OK) ...

Firewall problem?
http server no IPV6 capable?

What is your operating system & web server?