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ipv6 tunnel with shorewall running

Started by xzibiz, August 02, 2008, 07:30:24 AM

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I'm trying to get your ipv6 tunnel to work under an shorewall firewall. I have used ipv6 on the same server before, but not with shorewall.

Is there anyone that knows how to get the tunnel to work ?


Look in the tunnels file (/etc/shorewall/tunnels on one of my systems). If it doesn't explicitly mention 6in4 tunnels (what we use), then try the generic entry. Something along the lines of:

generic:41        net     ipv4.of.tunnel.server

Obviously you change out "ipv4.of.tunnel.server" with the IPv4 endpoint of our tunnel-server you are using.

Hope this helps!


now it works., but i'm getting disconnected all the time. 5 min online at the most.


try setting up a sort of keepalive using an ipv6 ntp server.