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Does IPv6 increase the electrical useage for the same amount of data transfered?

Started by twerkinalo, March 02, 2011, 12:21:19 AM

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 Hello every. This is my first posting and I was curious if the electrical use increases when moving to ipv6. Have any studies been done before anyone know? Thanks for any responses.
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I am not aware of any studies that have been done on this topic.

If anything, I think it would decrease because the routing tables are more efficient, requiring the routers to do less processing.


As most transfers use a fixed packet size (especially ethernet), the initial answer may be no (especially when short packets are padded to the fixed size).  Where variable size packets are permitted, then as the address size between IPv4 and IPv6 is not the same, then of course it does, but per packet, this difference in comsumption is far less than any delays caused by latency and collisions.

I ignore the routing table timing that the other reply included because during such time, no data is in actual transit.


Even if it does in certain situations it would be so small it would probably be almost impossible to detect.