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What to do about routing issues?

Started by nboullis, March 11, 2011, 02:45:37 PM

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For my daily IPv6 traceroute test, I uploaded my traceroute to 2a02:500:4500::2, and failed because HE cannot ping this host, while I can...
I had a look with the looking glass, and it appears that this host is unreachable from most HE routers, while it is reachable from HE router in Stockholm.
From Frankfurt, it goes to 2001:7f8::89b6:0:1 and then seems to disappear.
My understanding is that some route is broken somewhere, but I'm no expert about routing protocols...
What should I do about this routing issue? Is there someone I should inform?


Probably could email ipv6@he.net

Why not just find a different host for the test?


As for the test itself, you're absolutely right: I can find different hosts for the test.

But my point was not about the test; my point is that I discovered (with the test) that some IPv6 route is broken somewhere. And when I discover something that's broken, I generally want to inform the persons responsible, with the hope that the problem will ultimately be solved...

But since I am no expert about routing protocols, I have no idea who is responsible for this problem and who I should inform...
But I guess that things like HE's route server of HE's looking glass could help someone knowledged to discover where the problem really is...