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NEW: Debian package to setup BGP tunnelbroker.net tunnel

Started by gplhost, March 27, 2011, 12:25:35 PM

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As we were doing the work of setting-up BGP tunnels to tunnelbroker.net in a repetitive, and thus error prone manner, I wrote a Debian package to set it up automatically (hint: I'm one of the 800 Debian developer of this earth...). What it does is ask you questions about your ASN, your local ipv4 endpoint, the remote ipv4 endpoint, the IP pool, and so on, then it generates a configuration file in /etc/tunnel-broker-bgp/tunnel-broker-bgp.conf. That file is then used for a /etc/init.d/tunnel-broker-bgp that brings the IPv6 up on your ethernet. You should then do /usr/sbin/tunnel-broker-bgp-setup to configure and restart Quagga.

In other words, the setup of a IPv6 over v4 tunnel is as easy as doing:

apt-get install tunnel-broker-bgp
[ ... answer to the debconf questions ... ]

This work is released as LGPL-2, and available at:

Or using one of our Debian mirror:
deb ftp://ftparchive.gplhost.com/debian squeeze main

Feel free to replace the FQDN by one of our mirror in our other points of presence (the above one is in Atlanta) : 601.apt-proxy.gplhost.com (Malaysia), qala-sg.apt-proxy.gplhost.com (Singapore), seattle.apt-proxy.gplhost.com, ftp.gplhost.co.uk (London), ftp.gplhost.fr (Paris), 41.apt-proxy.gplhost.com (Zurich), 972.apt-proxy.gplhost.com (Israel).

This package has been made in Squeeze, but it *will* work also in Lenny, if you are still using it. As I made this package really quick (in less than an hour), and it's fresh from today, there still might be few glitches. If you find an error, feel free to report it. Our contact page is here:



Thomas Goirand (Debian Developer and GPLHost CEO)

Best Regards,

    Thomas Goirand

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