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Normal vs. BGP tunnel

Started by kornholijo, August 09, 2008, 09:57:36 PM

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What is the difference?

You need an allocated ASN from a RIR, so the ipv6 space would be "owned" by me and ASN information would show up on whois, or what?

EDIT: Ooops, I think this should of went to the he.net section, sorry :(


The difference is exactly as you pointed out. You need your own ASN and IPv6 allocation from your local RIR. You would then use BGP to announce that IPv6 allocation to us, with a session and tunnel created using address space on our router. So you'd get that /64 point-to-point allocation, which would also be used to set up the BGP session. We do not use private ASNs for BGP tunnels.

Otherwise by default, we allocate and statically route allocations out of our own address pool for your use.