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Can multiple computer share a tunnel

Started by wlraider70, March 27, 2011, 01:59:52 PM

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I have a tunnel that goes to my router and the my pc connects to that tunnel, like I'm assuming most of you have.

my question is what happens of i do the same configuration on a 2nd computer? Do they share the tunnel?
Is my ipv6 address the address of my home router or my specific pc?
Do I need a 2nd tunnel for a 2nd box?


As they'd both have to share the same IPv6 address for the point-to-point, this wouldn't work well.  The usual setup with a tunnel anchored behind a router/NAT is to have the system anchoring it handle routing for the IPv6 traffic.  It would have the ptp v6 address on the tunnel interface, one of the routed /64 on the ethernet interface, and then hand out addresses from the routed /64 to hosts on the local LAN via RA or similar.