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multihomed IPv6 via BGP

Started by evilmoo, April 07, 2011, 06:44:50 PM

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It's possible you guys might think this is a nutty idea, but... what if Tunnelbroker could offer multi-homed IPv6 via a private AS#?  It would mean setting up BGP links two two different POPs, and some possible clutter in the BGP table, but it would be one more test to add to the battery...



This is something that I would try.  If not multihomed, then at least single connection with BGP over IPv6. Currently I have 2 locations with IPv6 addresses provided by HE and I established BGP seessions, just to test and learn.

I sure that I read somewhere that there is a group offering BGP peerings with private ASN and everybody announce what IPv6 prefixes has in it's own network. Of course, nothing commercial or so, but nice to learn. Unfortunately, I'm looking for that group for a few hours now and I cannot find it. Google doesn't help too much. Maybe somebody here knows what I'm talking about? I read about it in 2010, I think...



yotis, I know this is an old post, but you didn't happen to stumble upon my site did you?

More infor here...

My friend and I started this almost two years ago.