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repeat previous cert tests? (stuck in rDNS test after changing mailserver host)

Started by chrisdag, April 19, 2011, 04:13:17 AM

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Is there anyway to go back and "reset" or repeat a prior cert test?

After getting through the SMTP test I ended up messing around and changing my MX host before realizing that the follow-up reverse DNS test seems to want to cache an reuse the SMTP server info from the prior step.

I'm sure it's 50-50 chance that I still have a config error but there is no way to tell what host the test is trying to use for it's reverse DNS query. Have no idea if it's looking up the "old" MX host or the current one so I don't know what records I should be trying to adjust or fix.

Ideally I'd just like to go back and repeat the SMTP test and move on past it after ensuring that RDNS is cool for that host. If that's not possible, how do I find out more diagnostic info about the failed rDNS test (like what AAAA record it's trying to reverse resolve?)




yes, there is a link under the faq section that will do that for you