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The age old network hang up on Win XP with IPv6

Started by ratcheer, May 28, 2011, 11:32:26 AM

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I have had my Windows XP machine connected via IPv6 for several weeks. This is via radvd on my router, which is my HE tunnel endpoint. Unlike the other PC that runs Windows 7, the XP machine stays connected all the time.

However, I have noticed that the networking on the XP machine hangs up for several minutes at a time, usually after periods of network inactivity. At these times, svchost for Network Service is using 100% of the CPU. Nothing requiring network access will work until it is done doing whatever it is doing.

I believe that this is the age old complaint seen from seemingly thousands of users to which the unvarying response is, "disable IPv6 and the problem will stop". Since I am actually using IPv6, that is not my preferred solution.

Does anyone else here experience this on XP? Does anyone have a solution or good workaround?