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Explorer Certification should give the choice to choose one of your "tunnels"

Started by ClaesBas, June 02, 2011, 02:31:36 AM

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I'm sitting at home behind a small router with no IPv6 functionality and have created tunnels to my own two external sites remotely.

Why is it not possible to do the test on a remote server/site with one of your own accounts tunnels?

I suggest that it should be possible to pick one of your own existing tunnels on the validate-explorer start page!

Else I need to create some kind of proxy on one of my sites ....



I reply myself!

I created a "SSH Socks Proxy tunnel" through "ssh -D8888 my_user@my_ipv6_tunneled_host" and set my browser to use localhost port 8888 as Socks v5 host (under Settings->Advanced->Network in Mozilla).

In about:config at Mozilla check that "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" is true

Maybe this tip could help somebody!