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Reverse DNS not working?

Started by lastninja, August 27, 2008, 10:20:53 AM

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I've been assigned the tunnel 2001:470:c:137::/64. I delegated my reverse to ns1.lastninja.net and ns2.afraid.org.

The reverse DNS on my end indeed works:

$ dig -x 2001:470:c:137::2 @ns1.lastninja.net +short

$ # to show ipv6 works on ns1.lastninja.net aswell
$ dig -x 2001:470:c:137::2 @2001:470:c:137::2 +short

$ dig -x 2001:470:c:137::2 @ns2.afraid.org +short

Running a dig -x 2001:470:c:137::2 +trace it terminates at the he.net DNS servers rather than show delegation to mine.

Any ideas what I maybe doing wrong?


Like the tunnelbroker.net interface explains, we do not delegate rDNS for your tunnel's point-to-point allocation, only the routed allocations which in your case is 2001:470:d:137::/64


Thanks for the information. When I read that information on the broker page earlier, I wasn't quite sure what a point-to-point link meant (i'm more familiar with the term routing block), but it makes a lot of sense now.

Thanks for clarifying.