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what is elevation

Started by u8sf, June 21, 2011, 05:49:56 AM

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I run below command for tunnelbroker
C:\Users\sapphire>netsh interface teredo set state disabled
then  reply
The requested operation requires elevation.
what is wrong setting in my computer?
what is the meaning of elevation


You need to run the command prompt as Administrator. Usually this means right clicking Command Prompt in the menu bar and selecting "Run as Administrator".


You're running Vista or Windows 7?

If so, you're probably running UAC, which means you need to run cmd.exe as an administrator

Right click on the command prompt shortcut and click "run as administrator"


Just to follow through with full instructions since you might not have a shortcut to cmd on your start menu.  In search box on your start put in cmd, when you see the shortcut for cmd listed, right click on that and say run as administrator.

here is a walk thru with pictures ;)


After click "run as administrator". It worked
and the link is very helpful.
Thanks very much.