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is it possible to use two PCs in a LAN sharing the same tunnel

Started by jaodei, June 27, 2011, 06:01:45 AM

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I setup a home PC to access ipv6 resources via HE tunnel. The PC is behind a home router with a static internal IP The router is connected to the internet with a dynamic IP (I learned how to update this with HE.net). Now, I try to setup another home PC to access ipv6. the new PC is in the same LAN with the first one (also behind the router and with a static internal IP I used the same IPv6 netsh commands in the 2nd PC except I write "netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel" instead of "netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel". However, I see the second one is not working properly, especially when the first one is turned on at the same time. Both PCs are running on win 7.

my question is is it possible to use two PCs in a LAN sharing the same tunnel? If yes, how should I do this? thanks.


Yes, you can do this.

You don't need to set up another tunnel though...you need to do something like Router Advertisements or DHCPv6 (if you want to do it automatically)  Or, you can just set up static addresses and go that route.

You'll need to look at your tunnel details page and use the routed /64 subnet from there on all your interfaces (assuming your network is flat and you don't have mutiple subnets)


Thanks for replying.

I don't know anything about router advertisement or DHCPv6. not seen from my router setup pages (maybe it is not supporting?). Please can you elabroate more on the 2nd option (just set up static addresses and go that route) and how to "use the routed /64 subnet from there on all your interfaces"? thanks.


what router?

You're using windows to host your tunnel, so windows would have to do the router advertisements for you.  If you search the forums, you'll find details on how to set it up to automatically hand out addresses.

You can add a static IPv6 address pretty much the same way as you do an IPv4 address, just select the IPv6 adapter instead.  On your tunnel details page, there will be a line that says "routed /64" select an address out of there and use it on your computer.  The gateway is the address of your windows router.  For DNS you can use your own DNS server, leave it blank, or use HE's


Of course it's possible.  That's what you're supposed to with the "routed" allocation.