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[Fixed] Tunnel restarting nearly every hour

Started by KlaasT, July 10, 2011, 02:16:44 AM

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Since tserv6.fra1 was down and I got my tunnel set up again I'm experiencing very strange problems. My IPv6 connect is experiencing a reset about every hour. On my server I'm running shorewall and I have defined the connect to tserv6.fra1 as a tunnel.

Does anyone have a hint what could cause these problems?

Fixed it: It was my IPv6 privacy extension -.-


Does turning the firewall off help anything?


I can't test it right now however do you know which ports have to be opened for a working tunnel?


You need to allow protocol41

other then that, open them at your discretion


Ok I just tested it. Proto 41 is passing freely and I have noticed that the problems begin at a specific time. From about 18:00 (UTC) onwards the connection is being reset nearly every hour. Before that time everything seems to work fine.

I have just installed a new kernel on my home computer. Maybe it is the tunnel on my local side which isn't working well as I had kernel 3.0 RC5 before.