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How to request/get IPv6 subnet to use after getting IPv6 Tunnel up?

Started by Ecrio, August 02, 2011, 01:13:52 PM

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Got the tunnel setup in Cisco router and able to ping other people in IPv6. But what is my IPv6 address? I was told that I need to get my IPv6 subnet. How and where to request this IPv6 subnet? Doesn't seem to have links here. Please help!


Click on the tunnel you want to use on the tunnel detail page.  There will be a section to assign your /48, click the link and wait a couple of seconds.

Your IPv6 address currently is the ::2 client address you used on your Cisco router.


By default you start with a routed /64. If you need more than a single subnet, then you'd click on "Allocate /48".


Thank you for replying! I got
IPv6 Tunnel Endpoints
Server IPv4 Address:
Server IPv6 Address:2001:470:1f04:17db::1/64
Client IPv4 Address:
Client IPv6 Address:2001:470:1f04:17db::2/64

Does this mean that I'm already assigned a /64 subnet? Meaning that I can use addresses from  2001:470:1f04:17db::3 thru xxx(to 64-bit alloocation)? I'm very new to this IPv6 :-)


Scroll down the page farther, to where it seems you already allocated a /48

Routed IPv6 Prefixes
Routed /64:2001:470:1f05:17db::/64
Routed /48:2001:470:86a2::/48


I was exploring and somehow clicked on that /48. I will probably delete it later. Can you confirm that with /64, I "officially" own the address space: 2001:470:1f04:17db::1 thru 2001:470:1f04:17db:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF?


That is your tunnel network, your router /64 is

Routed /64:2001:470:1f05:17db::/64

Which broquea already posted for you in the post above yours. 


Thank you johnpoz! As I mentioned earlier I'm very new to this IPv6. And our partner got their IPv6 tunnel from SixXs where you need to request a subnet after tunnel is arrpoved and up for a week.
So I wanted to confirm the ownership of the address block - broquea, sorry to bother but can you confirm?

With confirmation I then assign an address from the block to a device, people from outside can find my device.


If it's listed on your tunnel information, it's usable by you now.  There's no pending status on normal tunnels.