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Questions about new services implementation

Started by SoLoR, September 09, 2011, 03:18:54 AM

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I know DNSSEC status is still "We are exploring this now" and PPTP beta is closed since october i think, but are maybe some definite time frames, since last updates where almost a year ago... Im specially interested in PPTP beta... I know i will probably get answer something along the lines "we are working on it", but it doesnt hurt to ask :)



No new news on either of those services at this time.


I still think you need a separate forum area for DNS issues....


For DNS issues, email dnsadmin@he.net

It now opens a trouble-ticket instead of going to a single person's email.


Noted, but I was thinkking more of a forum to address questions and for HE to post improvements/changes, not reporting of trouble.


Added new forum/thread area (and moved this there).