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Dynamic DNS Clients (using https)

Started by spicert, October 08, 2011, 01:04:57 PM

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I'm attempting to update my DDNS address using HTTP.     

It appeared from the wording of the https page that http was supported using a syntax of:


However I get the following error:
-ERROR: Invalid API key or password

Since it works fine with https, is this broken or is the error just not descriptive of the problem?

2nd question:
Given that http support is much more common, does anyone have a recommendation for a non-browser ddns client or method using https?     Google isn't coming up with much.

I'd prefer client because they should be a little smarter about updating only when necessary, but if using a scripting method does dns.he.net care about how often the record gets updated?



Are you using your username or the user ID on the main page (under your name)?


Interesting, I hadn't heard of that dynamic DNS update URL.

I've used a slightly different URL, described here, and it worked great the first time: