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Web Server/Name Server test (Guru Level Test)

Started by snarked, September 10, 2008, 08:09:18 PM

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QuoteCheck to see that the nameservers associated with "www._xxxx_._tld_/" have IPv6 AAAA's

Check to see that the nameservers associated with "www._xxxx_._tld_/" are IPv6 accessible

Should this test pass if ANY name server has an IPv6 address and it is reachable, or does a site pass the test only if ALL name servers pass?

I'm seeing a failure with regards to a hostname that does possess an IPv6 address and is served by a name server set where ONLY ONE of the name servers is IPv6 reachable (the rest being IPv4 only).  Technically, if only one IPv6 enabled name server is needed, this should pass (assuming that every name server is checked for an IPv6 address and then the only one found with such an address is used to fetch the web site's IPv6 address).