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Learning from mistakes

Started by kriteknetworks, September 23, 2008, 10:23:37 AM

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Typically on any test, you're shown what questions were answered incorrectly. This gives the person a direction to look in learning something when a mistake is made.

On the certification tests, incorrect answers are not pointed out, so no direction is given on where to improve your knowledge in weak areas. While I personally haven't gotten better than 16/20 on the additional guru test, knowing where I'm wrong would certainly help me know where to look and learn new information.

snarked has a post where he alleges one of the correct responses may be incorrect, or ambiguous.

Perhaps test results could show the errors?


The last question that I found that I had wrong was #17 (in the additional Guru test). Unofficaly saying there is a way to check answer by answer.


Working on something like this, just working out the logistics.