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HE DNS Whitelisting

Started by cholzhauer, November 22, 2011, 05:50:51 AM

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I know many people here are pointing DNS lookups for google.com at ordns.he.net so they can take advantage of the white-listed Google IPv6 records.  I'm also pointing lookups for www.facebook.com at it so I get the AAAA records for that site.

I'm wondering if there are other sites that are white-listed that people don't know about; is there a list of white-listed domains that are served up by ordns.he.net?


I wasnt aware facebook had whitelisted HE dns for ipv6 records....


I wasn't either until I saw it on one of the IPv6 mailing lists one day

Give it a try

[carl@mars ~]$ host www.facebook.com
www.facebook.com has address
www.facebook.com has IPv6 address 2620:0:1c00:0:face:b00c::


Those would be the 2 we've worked with for white-listing. If we get any more, that don't mind being announced, we'll let users know.


so I added a zone to my recursor for "facebook.com", and forward it to HE dns, like I do with google and youtube, this is sufficient?

And what about fbcdn?


I only know of it for www.facebook.com, not any of their CDN stuff.