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Stuck @ Professional - Reverse DNS for mail server.

Started by jentegt, December 11, 2011, 06:38:51 AM

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Hi Guy's,
I keep getting "Failed to get AAAA from MX or your DOMAIN" when I do the test =(.

I'm using Bind as my DNS server.

my added zone:
zone "2.4.7.a." {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/";

The zone file:
$TTL 1;

@       IN      SOA     ns.jente.vlan77.be. root.jente.vlan77.be. (
        2011121101      ;serial
        300             ;refresh
        300             ;retry
        300             ;expire
        300)            ;negative cache TTL

@        IN     NS      ns.jente.vlan77.be.

;42      PTR    ns.jente.vlan77.be.
;62      PTR    ns.jente.vlan77.be.       IN       PTR     jente.vlan77.be.

My other 'normal' zone file:
$TTL 1
@ IN SOA ns.jente.vlan77.be. root.jente.vlan77.be. (
        2011121101 ; Serial
@               NS      ns
ns              A
ns              AAAA    2001:6a8:2880:a742::1
@               NS      ns.vlan77.be.

;vlan77.be.     A
@               A
                AAAA    2001:6a8:2880:a077::42

test            A
test            AAAA    2001:6a8:2880:a077::42

@                       MX 10   mx.jente.vlan77.be.
mx.jente.vlan77.be.     A
mx.jente.vlan77.be.     AAAA    2001:6a8:2880:a742::1

*               CNAME   jente.vlan77.be.

What am I doing wrong :/ ?


Everything looks OK on my end...how long have you waited?

I get responses when I query for AAAA records for your NS and MX, although neither of them have working reverse lookups


well, I've waited like 'Not long' :p.
How long do I need to wait, approximately?


Got it, changed the last line in my zone file to: IN       PTR     jente.vlan77.be.


You're mixing FQDNs with labels within the zone for both your forward and reverse zones.  The BCP RFCs state this is discouraged and often leads to errors.  Clean up the mess you created and you might find that part of your problem goes away.

You also have a problem with your mail server name:

mx.jente.vlan77.be.  (AAAA)=> 2001:6a8:2880:a742::1 (PTR)=> jente.vlan77.be.

You didn't get back what you started with.  That's why you fail.


If you weren't insisting on FQDNs, you would not have made this mistake.