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Trying to find a list of IPV6 prefixes mapped to Country

Started by carrerasg, October 06, 2008, 10:26:22 AM

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I've been searching all morning for a somewhat current list that would map prefixes to the country they have been assigned to.  So far, I've only found a couple, with incomplete or obsolete material.  Does anyone know where (or even if) such a list might be maintained?

FWIW, I'm doing a little googlemap project to display IPV6 visitors to my website.  I realize that with the use of tunnels this information won't really be accurate but I think it might be interesting to see anyway.



The IPv6 table at IANA will tell you which blocks have been assigned to which regional registry.  Beyond that, you'll have to check with each registry to see if they've handed out subblocks to countries or "at random."

With ARIN, there are really only two countries (the Carribean Islands have so little usage, I'm discounting them for now):  United States and Canada.



Thanks, this is very helpful.  I think I was taking the wrong approach trying to find it all in one place.  I should be able to put something together now though.