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World IPv6 Day version 2, now with more days: all of them

Started by broquea, January 17, 2012, 01:54:22 PM

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Exactly what is their problem?  Some of us have been operating IPv6 servers for several YEARS now.


broken peerings and peering arrangement wars (hello Cogent and HE  :D), path MTU issues, non-working "automatic" tunneling mecanisms.  Content providers are not bleeding edge folks if it causes even the smallest fraction of their audience to fail to connect to them.


Liking the statistics they provide on http://www.worldipv6launch.org/measurements/

Roughly 70% of listed participants are already on IPv6. They also seem to track both the website loading time, as well as track the RTT from their testing box in the UK to the participant site. Noticed "ISOCIPv6Bot" in my logs which prompted me to look at all of this.


Cool. *runs off to the NOC to get his company added to the list of participating service providers* (Yes, I work on Saturday.)

Ok, I admit we have had all of our important public facing web sites dual stacked and been offering our customers dual stacked connectivity since world IPv6 day last year so it isn't really much of a change for us. But hey, it's always good to see another service provider on the list. ;)