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Dynamic DNS information

Started by spil, January 26, 2012, 05:50:46 AM

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First of all: great service. Thanks for providing it! Hope that this posts helps people when setting up the he.net DynDNS service.

During setup I noticed the following:

  • Information on how to setup dynamic dns entries is visible only before login. Once logged in you can't see the information
  • Information doesn't include the https option which is available on the same hostnames, just replacing http with https works fine e.g.
  • You need to generate a DDNS key and use that as "password"

The response that you receive when updating a record is (for automatic processing)

  • On change: "good"
  • No change: "nochg"
The ip-address returned is the address that will be registered in the he.net dns servers for the hostname.
I use this to process the result and emit an email if my ip-address has changed (from cron):
https://dyn.example.com:password@dyn.dns.he.net/nic/update?hostname=dyn.example.com | grep -qs good && echo IP-address changed!
NOTE: This is using FreeBSD grep which, according to the manpage, behaves differently with the -s switch than GNU grep.