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Use one single IPV6 tunnel for two LAN connected computers

Started by gmoustak, February 14, 2012, 01:16:23 PM

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hello everyone,

i'm trying to use one single hurricane tunnel with two LAN connected computer.
they're both connected to a router with a single outgoing address, but only one computer can use the tunnel (IPV6 outgoing address).
The other one's still have a IPV4 outgoing address.

how can I turn them into IPV6 addresses?

thank you for your help,


You have a couple of different options...you can set the addresses statically or dynamically

To do it dynamically, use SLAAC or DHCPv6

You need to use addresses from your routed /64 (check your tunnel details page)

The outside interface of your router keeps the ::1 address it already has, then you assign an address out of your routed /64 to the inside address of your router.  You then assign another address from your routed /64 to the interface of the other computer you want to use.


First of all, thank you for your quick answer.
I'm kind of beginner in networking stuff, so i tried to understand what you've tried to explain to me but its quite difficult for me ;)

i looked at my tunnel details page. here i got the 'Server IPV6 Address' (X:X:1f0a:X::1/64), the 'Client IPV6 Address' (X:X:1f0a:X::2/64)
and the 'Routed /64' address (X:X:1f0b:X::/64).

The router that I use is included in my ADSL modem (all-in-one french modem, called Freebox http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freebox).
Here is a sample router configuration webpage -> http://www.journaldufreenaute.fr/wp-content/uploads/screens/40_routeurreglages.jpg
. As you can see, i only can specify a DMZ address, activate UPNP or map some ports.

In the end of my experimentations, I realized that outgoing IPV6 addresses are made with MAC addresses.
Thats why only one of my LAN computer can access Hurricane tunnel.
I don't know how to assign routed /64 to the inside address of my router. Neither how to assign it to the other computers.

please excuse my ignorance.. but i really want to understand how does it works!  :)


X'ing out the address makes it really hard. If you really don't want to share your true ranges, use the 2001:db8::/32 documentation prefix


gmoustak: Where do you have the tunnel terminating?  If it terminates on the router itself then you should have an option to use radvd or something similar.  If you have it terminating of one of the computers then you'll likely have to install radvd or quagga or something like that to provide SLAAC support.


Nick B.

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