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setting up 6rd on dd-wrt

Started by Mangix, February 15, 2012, 11:05:12 PM

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i'm using AT&T's U-Verse service(yuck!) and i recently found this little gem.


on page 3, this is posted The 6rd (not 6RD BTW) settings are below:

• The 6rd service provider prefix is 2602:300::/28.
• The 6rd IPv4 mask length is 0.
• The 6rd border router (BR) IPv4 address is
• The DNS IPv4 server addresses should be set to,
• The DNS IPv6 server addresses should be set to 2001:1890:0FFF:0840::10, 2001:1890:0FFF:0841::10 (if needed)
• Enable sending all 6rd traffic to the 6rd BR

those IP addresses(both v4 and v6) are pingable from my end and so my conclusion at this point is that this can be done.

anyone know how to set it up under dd-wrt(using a linksys router with DMZplus)?


no but 6RD works well with OpenWRT.  You have to use the commandline to get it working though.