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IPv6 on Firefox - visibility addon

Started by tbentropy, January 26, 2012, 08:56:34 AM

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Hello all,

Had fun getting my IPv6 Sage status last year, and then spent some time thinking about what I could do for IPv6 day... Ended up with the idea of an extension for the Firefox browser to indicate whether a site had AAAA records or not. Several months on and I've just finished a new version (and I'm working on continuing to update it given the next IPv6 launch day coming up, and a likely big boost to the number of people using IPv6!)

I'd welcome any comments/suggestions from people for features or improvements. The addon can be found here:





I just tried it out and the only thing I have is a suggestion to update your pictures. On FF 9 running on Windows 7, the indicator box is at the far right of the screen, to the right of the search box


This is the one people in #ipv6 on Freenode have been using as well: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ipvfox/

I've got both installed, personally.


I was using ShowIP, which is a simple indicator in the bottom status bar of the IP address of the site being visited, red for IPv4 or green for IPv6.  Works.

I am going to try this one too, why not. ;D


I've been using 4or6 - happy to give this one a try though.
Nick B.

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cholzhauer - The icon button can be dragged to almost any location like other Firefox UI elements :)



Quick thanks from a lone network engineer in the NOC.  This has replace the old ShowIP extension for me and does a fantastic job.  Awesome little gadget I've used a lot just in the past week I've had it installed.

Thanks again!


I actually found this completely independently of here, and it works great! My only suggestion is to be able to use the grayscale theme markings (like "46") with the colored backgrounds.


is there a similar plugin for opera?


Is there anything like this available for Chrome?

Nevermind. Should have googled before posting. The "ShowIPv6" add on does this for Chrome.


incredibly, showIP has privacy issues  ???


SixorNot is suddenly more interesting, assuming it is not doing the same  :)


ShowIP is dns based, not connectivity based like ipvfox for firefox and ipvfoo for chrome.