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ipv6 configuration in RHEL5

Started by sudtech, March 29, 2012, 12:54:38 AM

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I have configured link local ipv6 address in RHEL 5 .

I have installed tomcat 6 , mysql in the linux system .

From windows xp pc ,i could ping the ipv6 address of the linux system

Kindly let me know ,how do i configure tomcat 6 for ipv6 .

If i add a site-local or ULA  ipv6 address ,which Ipv6 address would linux give preference ,i.e Link local or the sitelocal/ULA.


What version of tomcat?  You shouldn't need to configure anything, it should "just work"


it Tomcat 6.0 and we are using Apache tomcat . The path is /home/apache-tomcat-6.0.33/ . How do i check if its working on Ipv6 .

If i do netstat -ln | grep 80 ,its not showing any Ipv6 ip listening . WIll tomcat work on the Ipv6 Link local address created automatically.

I tried opening it from Windows XP ,IE browser ,by using the link local Ip of the Linux machine,it displays a blank page .

I installed Tomcat 6 in windows XP and it opens the Tomcat webpage both in Ipv6 and Ipv4 ip.