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Changed ISP and the tunnel stopped working! [solved]

Started by daviessm, January 19, 2009, 10:35:09 AM

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I've had a tunnel to HE which has been working fine since May last year. I've now moved house and am using a different ISP (Virgin cable in the UK) and the tunnel seems to have stopped working. It comes up alright but never receives any packets.

Can anyone help? Let me know what information you need and I'll provide it.



Did you update your tunnel for the new IPv4 endpoint?


Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that! The update page seemed to accept the new address and gave me some nice green text saying it was all ok.


Yup, the tunnel-server has the IPv4 endpoint currently set for your tunnel. It can ping the endpoint, but not your side of the IPv6 tunnel. I rebuilt it by hand but it continues to fail ping6ing your side. Everything is configured correctly on our side. Are you behind any new equipment after changing ISPs, or is it all the same?


It's not, no - previously I was on an ADSL connection. Now I'm on a cable connection and the computer now connects directly to the cable modem and receives an IP address from it. Previously it was in the DMZ of my ADSL modem/router.

If anything this connection should have been simpler to set up!


Fixed it now...seems that destroying and re-adding the tunnel a couple of times seems to have cleared something out. Thanks for looking though :)


Hi. I have just switched over to VirginMedia and now my current script that I had been using on my DD-WRT router no longer works. I am using the superhub 3 in 'modem' mode.

I used to be with EE, but now have cable internet. Does anyone have a working script I could use.