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Going Native....

Started by snarked, October 23, 2008, 12:06:05 AM

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Today, my co-location provider and I set my server to go NATIVE IPv6 (and we use HE's network for that too - via BGP peering with AS27630). Apparently, I am their first customer to have the native IPv6 turned on.  They suggested that I hold onto my HE IPV6 tunnel in case of outages, etc....  As long as I continue to respond to the pings, is it a problem holding onto a single tunnel that will have no other traffic (beyond the pings)?

PS:  As their infrastructure is still being set up, I believe that my packets may be the first non-test traffic of the /32 to cross your network.  ;)


Feel free to keep a tunnel for any reason :D

Kudos on going native!