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add address ipv6 on tunnel he-ipv6

Started by marins82, October 12, 2012, 07:28:36 AM

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Hi, I configured the tunnel in my car, with ubuntu server.
Here is an example (taken from wiki ubuntu):
Quoteauto he-ipv6
iface he-ipv6 inet6 v4tunnel
     address  2001:470:a:d29f::2
     netmask  64
     up ip -6 route add default dev he-ipv6
     down ip -6 route del default dev he-ipv6

I put on the tunnel, and after a few bumps, everything works properly. Now how do I put the various ipv6 addresses in the network configuration?


Man, I don't have a tunnel in my car yet.

What are you going to use to distribute addresses? Look into DHCPv6 and SLAAC