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Unable to Ping My Machines from Internet

Started by ravenstar, June 30, 2012, 06:38:37 AM

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I have just got my tunnel up and running on a Windows 7 Desktop I have also enabled router advertising to allow my laptop to pick up an IPv6 address from my Tunnel box and can ping both machines from each other within the network.

However when I try to use ipv6-test.com to ping back to me I get total packet loss on the IPv6 side.  IPv4 packets are reaching the routers public IPv4 Address though.
Can anyone offer any advice please?

Thanks in advance



Install Wireshark and look at the actual traffic on your external interface. A reasonable filter to start with would be: ip.proto == 1 || ip.proto == 41


Hi thanks for the reply

I've solved the issue now - Windows Firewall was blocking the pings so I have set up a rule to allow ICMP6 pings to confirm the system is reachable from the internet.