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ipv6 only client

Started by Daiman Meijers, July 03, 2012, 01:16:09 PM

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Daiman Meijers


I have now an working /48 subnet in my network.
I would like to have an ipv6 only centos box.
But i can only resolve ipv6 addresses with ipv4-ipv6 dualstack.
If i use only ipv6 i cant resolve domains.

I have the google ipv6 nameservers and its working well.
But i would only use ipv6.

Anyone know what i can do?

My kernel on the box : 2.6.18-308.8.2.el5

Kind regards daiman


Daiman Meijers

i have fixed it on a bad way.
i run dns on the main server and drop the packets to outside via ipv4.
its not sure ipv6 only but it working on the way where i was looking for.


why not run a local nat64/dns64 box for your IPv6-only segment? Although the only thing this wouldn't really work for are IPv4 literals. Google's name servers are also on IPv6. Also you could use the HE anycasted one.