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ipv6 on windows xp!

Started by Womh, July 17, 2012, 10:52:17 PM

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i need step by step instructions fast !
if not im just gonna buy a new pc :(


Learn to read the example configs provided in the broker?



does disabling my firewall temporarily help?


Only if your firewall doesn't know what IPv6 is


Quote from: cholzhauer on July 18, 2012, 06:59:15 AM
Only if your firewall doesn't know what IPv6 is

Actually disabling the Windows (XP) Firewall might well help the OP tremendously !

We had a thread on the subject months ago, don't you remember dear CH ? Perso with my hardware/software combo - that is, having to terminate the tunnel on the Windows XP computer, through the router - I haven't found a method to have the HE tunnels work with the XP firewall. The root of the problem being that Microsoft in their wisdom provided no way (documented at least) to set up firewall "exceptions" per protocol, only per "port" (TCP/UDP).

Even if OP's problem turns out to have different causes, I suggest he disabled the Firewall in the Windows computer (any software firewall) and see if it makes a difference to /him/.

Just my 2 Euro-cents...


Honestly if you are doing anything even remotely serious with IPv6 you need to ditch Windows XP. It's IPv6 implantation is total crap and several parts of the OS, like the firewall, just don't support it. Windows 7, Mac OSX, and Linux are all perfectly viable alternatives depending on what you need your machine to do.