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Guru Test 3rd step

Started by netadventures, July 13, 2012, 04:20:01 PM

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which is necessary to achieve the 3rd step of guru test? Thank you so much.


It tells you at the top of that image.


You moved the subdomain to a different DNS provider without creating the records in the new location. I am not sure why you moved it to a different provider though, the DNS server where the parent domain resides already has IPv6.


I returned to the previous records, what do I do now, because the error persists? Thank you.

"Couldn't query name server"


Quote from: netadventures on July 14, 2012, 11:00:29 AMI returned to the previous records, what do I do now, because the error persists?
The only problem I could find was the setup of afraid.org. Though ns{1..4}.afraid.org have AAAA records, the authoritative DNS servers for afraid.org are IPv4 only. However that shouldn't be a problem for this step of the certification. It will however become a problem for a later step of the certification.

So, I don't know why the current step is failing for you. It might be that records are cached on a DNS server somewhere, and you have to wait for the cache to expire. The largest TTL I noticed was 48 hours. Assuming you haven't used higher TTL values than that, then all the old records will expire if you wait until 48 hours after your last DNS change.

If waiting doesn't solve the problem, then there must be something else wrong.


Persists the error "Could not query name server", what do I do?


The domain mooo.com is hosted on ns{1,2,3,4}.afraid.org, of those only ns1 has a AAAA record. If you still get the message saying "Completed: The NS have AAAA records", then that means the test is able to find that AAAA record.

There is a couple of problems though. In order to find that AAAA record in the first place, you first have to lookup ns1.afraid.org, but the authoritative DNS servers for afraid.org don't have AAAA records. This means even though ns1.afraid.org has IPv6 support, that support is essentially useless as an IPv6 only DNS server won't be able to reach it. Additionally it is only ns1.afraid.org which has a AAAA record. ns{2,3,4}.afraid.org are IPv4 only.

So the IPv6 support on afraid.org is almost nonexistent. However the problems I mention would happen before looking up the AAAA record. The test did succeed in finding the AAAA record. Once it has found the AAAA record it would just need to query the IPv6 address in question, I tested that part, and it works.

So if the error message still looks the same, then I think the test is broken or the error message is misleading. In either case I think a ticket would be appropriate.

When I took the test I did run into a similar issue where I was supposed to use the parent domain (the top most domain hosted on that NS), but the error message I got about that was very misleading. Though the misleading error message I got was different, it may still be the same issue. Did you actually try to enter just mooo.com in the test instead of the subdomain learningipv6.mooo.com?