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Tunnel + Proxifier for better latency

Started by Marko7, July 30, 2012, 04:52:09 AM

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I have a questions for you guys because I'm a totally newbie in tunelling and proxy (hope it change soon) but this is very interesting tread. Once a lot of people telling using a 'tunnel' for example form eastern Europe to USA can significantly reduces lags/ latency in games witch have sewer in North America. So my questions is : is it generally possible to use tunnel I create on tunnelbroker and than put it in software like Proxifier or Putty and connect by it for better and lag free connection to USA servers ?
My first try wasn't succeeds because proxifier needs a ports number of tunel serwer but i don't get it when i create my first tunell to Dallas.
Sorry if i mistake in reasoning of using server from this site and maybe its cannot work for purposes I mentioned.


You cannot change the laws of physics. You are not going to get a good latency between Europe and USA without moving them closer to each other. Crossing the Atlantic is going to give you about 100ms of latency simply because of the limited speed of light.

A tunnel does cause the packets to take a different route, which can change the latency. Either route can take a suboptimal path resulting in a higher latency than the smallest possible. But in most cases the tunnel is going to take the longer path of the two and thus have the higher latency.

I don't know what that Proxifier you are talking about does. But proxies and games generally doesn't sound like a proper mix since proxies are for TCP based protocols and games that are sensitive to latency use UDP.