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Let us buy T-Shirts

Started by tlechler, August 01, 2012, 07:45:04 AM

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so I received my Sage T-Shirt last week, and I wont give it away. Instead, I'd like to buy more of them. While I know I could just create a new account, sage it up in 5 minutes and then click the order button, thats not the way I'd prefer to do it. Instead, I'd like to suppose that HE.net offers those t-shirts to sages for say 10 bucks plus shipping. I'd be the first to input my credit card details.

Oh, and also I'd love to have an inverted version of the shirts. with the HE blue as base color, and the text in white!

Let us know how you think about that(Btw, I have a pal living near me, who would also order!)


I Agree with his arguments and also want to order T-Shirts with the black and white inverted version.


Sign me up for both ideas!

Now where can I swipe my CC?  ;D


Apologies for dissent, but those are "Sages" T-Shirts, I'd offer a counter-proposal:
Ask HE to make T-shirts similar to those but instead a 'Sage' in the front, to replace with:

A gift from a Sage

or something short like that ...
after all, the ones wearing those (bought) t-shirts are not sages, otherwise they would have their own ones, wont they?
just an idea...


I think what they're asking for is once they reach the sage level is the ability to buy more shirts.  ( not the ability to buy shirts without reaching the sage level)


my bad for not making myself clear, I understand that they are at that level and want to give them away as gifts, my point is: those people to whom you'll be giving those t-shirts are not sages, so it would be like, more realistic and to be honest, preserve the spirit of the t-shirts, to 'clarify' that these 'bought' t-shirt are  gifts to "non-sages", and not that the person wearing it actually achieved  the level of sage from the certification process...
does this make any sense?


I think those people actually want to buy them for themselves. I for one wouldn't give such a T-shirt to somebody, who didn't pass the certification. If somebody I know would like such a T-shirt, instead of giving it to them, I'd rather teach them, what they need to know in order to pass the certification themselves.


agreed. but the idea of such t-shirts with 'gift from a sage' or the like, is not bad either, IMHO....


Talking about which, I just went through the whole process (905 points now, maximum possible today, woohoo!) but figured I'd have to wait 119 days to get to 1500 by 5 points/days increase...
I've validated the t-shirt size but it says:

Process pending - order not generated
Last order was generated on 2012-11-13 18:50:00
Completed the Sage test on 2012-11-15 20:36:47

So, do I have to get to 1500?
Or did I just miss the last batch by 2 days and will get it next year? :)

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Quote from: AlexandreGuedon on November 15, 2012, 08:46:25 PM
So, do I have to get to 1500?
Or did I just miss the last batch by 2 days and will get it next year? :)

No, there is no need to get 1500 points. Just wait 2-3 weeks until next order is generated.