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how to dns.

Started by HezbullahShah, August 21, 2012, 01:25:17 AM

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i was thinking that in Dns.he.net, i can manage the dns records for my pre owned domain. but i didn't saw any clear instructions.

I want to know if i can manage the dns records here for my pre owned domain???

DO I have to point the name servers from the registrar to he.net first or it will work directly?

i can only change nameservers in the domain control panel, and there is option of adding Glue Record which i do not understand still.


You have to point your registrar to the HE.NET nameservers if you want the dns.he.net service to be authoritative for your domain(s).


thanks for reply.

i hope this means that first i point my domain's nameservers to HE.Net then from there i point to other places as i want it.

I will try it out . :)