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[discharged] Tunnel configuration disappeared

Started by bjkoenig, September 03, 2012, 02:47:04 AM

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one year ago I configured a tunnel and a /48 subnet via tunnelbroker.net and used it successfully for a while. Now it disappeared from the list of my configured tunnels silently. The IPv6 endpoints are no longer reachable. If I try to create a new tunnel with my IPv4 endpoint, the frontend claims that there exists another tunnel for the specified IP address. Is there any chance to get the tunnel back? If you need more information, e.g. IPv6 tunnel addresses, IPv4 endpoint address, and so on, then please advise. Unfortunately I don't know the tunnel ID (maybe 130383? I'm not sure). I created the tunnel on Aug 23, 2011.

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You sure you don't have two tunnelbroker accounts and the tunnels are listed under the other one?


I'm with the "Are you sure it was on this account?" group.  I see all the tunnels you did anything with last August, you wound up also deleting after that point.


Quote from: kcochran on September 10, 2012, 09:18:40 AMI'm with the "Are you sure it was on this account?"
I suppose you are able to see which IPv4 address bjkoenig was posting to the forum from. And then you could check if any tunnel in your database has that IPv4 address.

It may be that bjkoenig has registered twice with different usernames. But it is also possible, that another user has an abandoned tunnel, which is configured for the same IPv4 address. There are enough people on dynamic IP addresses, that such a scenario isn't unlikely.

I don't know if bjkoenig send an email to ipv6@he.net as suggested. If he did and included his IPv4 address, then I guess it would be easier to get the issue resolved.


I guess I was too subtle, and expected a bit more reading between the lines.  So here goes.
Yeah, it's on their other account.
How about: "I'm definitely with the 'Are you sure it was on this account?' group."