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RIPE count jump

Started by ravenstar, October 30, 2012, 10:28:19 PM

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Yesterday the RIPE count was around 17 million IP's and dropping today that has suddenly jumped to 667 million.

Am I missing something or has something gone wrong with the data?



If every single entity listed in ftp://ftp.ripe.net/pub/stats/ripencc/membership/alloclist.txt was assigned a /22 each that would still only consume 15 million IPs. So I don't see how a jump of more than 16 million could possibly happen under the current rationing. Sounds like data being misinterpreted somewhere in the pipeline.

You can check if a jump shows up on http://www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/ipv4-exhaustion/ipv4-available-pool-graph within the next couple of days.


The widget is running behind the data in the graph by quite a bit anyway.  If I am reading the graph right, there is already less than 17 million iP's left.  I was estimating that if depletion continued at the same rate then we would be looking at around 6 to 9months and RIPE will be out of IPv4 addresses.

And yet no news from the major UK ISPs about IPv6 deployment!



Rationing was put in effect September 14th of this year. I'd be surprised if they actually ever run out of /22s to hand out as long as there is a limit of only a single /22 per LIR.

Of course a /22 per LIR is far from enough to cover all the customers, so ISPs should take this as a strong hint, that they are behind schedule on updating.

Alas most ISPs are still not making progress. The ISP I am using ran out of addresses and started taking such measures as putting all customers behind NAT by default and reducing the number of IPs per customer for all of those, who could find the option to turn it off again.

And when I called them to complain about my laptop not receiving any response from their DHCP server, they made up a lame excuse about the network interface on my laptop being defective.


What exactly are the widgets counting now?  The data on the widgets no longer correspond to the graph in the link provided earlier.  RIPE shows 16.98 Million /8's left as of 4th November.  So whatever the widgets are grabbing it no longer appears to be the /8 data.