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Enthusiast test

Started by Kalence, December 25, 2012, 09:56:54 AM

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Hi guys,

I`m having problems with passing this test. I`ve created AAAA, running IIS, working on and localhost, even getting http://rm1511.s.raf.edu.rs/qzq0qj8yta.txt to open in browser, but still geting error "Could not grab the file via IPv6 HTTP ". Port 80 is open and listening.

Any ideas?


That link does not work for me...is iis runnning?  is there a firewall in the way?


The link works for me. The full content of the file is
I am wondering if that is the content the certification test was expecting.


Doesn't care about content just file. Hopefully it is something as simple as dns cache waiting to time out. If it persist for longer than 24hrs, email ipv6@he.net and open a ticket. If you want to try using a different domain, read the FAQ about resetting the certs.


There is no firewall, IIS up and running. I sure hope that DNS cache makes troubles...

I`ll let you know outcome in 24hrs.



Ok, problem was DNS caching.

Thank you all for reading and posting!