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IPv6 lan configuration with Vigor

Started by martijnjongen, January 30, 2013, 07:45:47 AM

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I'm new to IPv6 so upfront my appologies if I ask strange questions!

My goal is to have global IPv6 connectivity on my local network. I've got a vigor1000Vn router (more or less same firmware as 2130). So the idea is that the tunnel is terminated on the Vigor and that it assigns addresses to my local hosts.

a) Tunnel is setup and running (I think). I can ping the ipv6 address of google from my router
b) Now the LAN setup. I assume that my local clients need an address in the same /64 range as my routers IP
first question: on the tunnelbroker.net ipv6 tunnel information, the routed IPv6 prefixes has a different 3rd octed (1f15 where client ip was 1f14) - what his that?
c) Second question: the IPv6 lan setup page allows me to enter a IPv6 address and enable DHCPv6. For the address, I've entered a IP6 address of my router (I guess that is wrong but don't know what else - also tried a address in the routed prefix)
d) Third question: I can succesfully create a DHCPv6 range (again -which range to use?) and assign addresses to clients. THat works. When ping6 I can however not ping anything except the host from c). Anything else outside the prefix (e.g. ip6.google) results in network unreachable. Normally, with ip4 in mind, I would say this has something to do with routing..

Thanks for the help!


You do NOT us the same range as the tunnel on your router. That second /64 is statically routed to your side of the tunnel for your use on the LAN. That would be what you use for b,c,d