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Author Topic: Failing guru step 3  (Read 2793 times)


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Failing guru step 3
« on: April 19, 2013, 06:01:09 AM »

EDIT: I failed with my A,AAAA records. When I added www. it worked. So I finished the certifcate now  ;D

I've arrived at the guru step of the cert. However I'm failing step3

*   1   Completed
*   2   Completed: The NS have AAAA records   Success
*   3   Check to see that the nameservers associated with are IPv6 accessible   

It gives the following error:
Couldn't query name server or couldn't find AAAA record for your domain

Ofcourse I've googled around abit and tested the troubleshoot method which is used in the youtube vid.

dig NS +short
dig AAAA +short
dig AAAA @2001:470:200::2

It seems it's all set up properly, but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
I've had the records set up for over 24 hours now and I emailed someone from HE to refresh the cache which he did.
Hoping someone can help me with it  :)

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