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Failing guru step 3

Started by jasperswaagman, April 19, 2013, 06:01:09 AM

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EDIT: I failed with my A,AAAA records. When I added www. it worked. So I finished the certifcate now  ;D

I've arrived at the guru step of the cert. However I'm failing step3

*   1   Completed   jasperswaagman.nl
*   2   Completed: The NS have AAAA records   Success
*   3   Check to see that the nameservers associated with jasperswaagman.nl are IPv6 accessible   

It gives the following error:
Couldn't query name server or couldn't find AAAA record for your domain

Ofcourse I've googled around abit and tested the troubleshoot method which is used in the youtube vid.

dig NS jasperswaagman.nl +short
dig AAAA ns2.he.net +short
dig AAAA jasperswaagman.nl @2001:470:200::2

It seems it's all set up properly, but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
I've had the records set up for over 24 hours now and I emailed someone from HE to refresh the cache which he did.
Hoping someone can help me with it  :)