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Facebook no longer resolves to AAAA address

Started by ravenstar, May 09, 2013, 04:37:44 AM

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Being as Facebook stated they were committed to using IPv6 I was surprised when testing my setup yesterday to find that there is no longer an AAAA record for them on the DNS.

Anyone else noticed this?


I wonder when they dropped that.

www.facebook.com still has an AAAA record though

$ host www.facebook.com
www.facebook.com is an alias for star.c10r.facebook.com.
star.c10r.facebook.com has address
star.c10r.facebook.com has IPv6 address 2a03:2880:2110:cf01:face:b00c:0:9
star.c10r.facebook.com mail is handled by 10 msgin.t.facebook.com.


Heres what I get using DNS lookup in W8

PS C:\Users\Timothy> Resolve-DnsName facebook.com

Name                                           Type   TTL   Section    IPAddress
----                                           ----   ---   -------    ---------
facebook.com                                   A      92    Answer

Also tried going to the address you showed - definitely down.  Surprising considering that they were extolling the virtues of IPv6



Hi Cholzhsuer

I see what you mean, thanks.  I still get confused as to how people can put the AAAA record on one part of the domain and yet neglect the other.

PS C:\Users\Timothy> Resolve-DnsName www.facebook.com

Name                           Type   TTL   Section    NameHost
----                           ----   ---   -------    --------
www.facebook.com               CNAME  20    Answer     star.c10r.facebook.com

Name       : star.c10r.facebook.com
QueryType  : AAAA
TTL        : 20
Section    : Answer
IP6Address : 2a03:2880:2030:2f01:face:b00c:0:8

Name       : star.c10r.facebook.com
QueryType  : A
TTL        : 20
Section    : Answer
IP4Address :



On the domain name label itself, they should be using a SRV-RR, not an address-type record.  Unfortunately for HTTP, most clients are ignorant of SRV records.