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Redirect to Google Taiwan

Started by fenton, May 20, 2013, 10:00:21 PM

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Status update: Currently, Google is investigating this further.  There's nothing concrete on an adjustment from their side as of yet, but we're discussing options.  They confirmed they recently updated how they geolocate, and there seems to be some confusion in their system on the specifics of where tunnels are, since it apparently replaced their old data entirely.



> ... They confirmed ...

Who are the "they"?

I was told by a networking lead @Google that the right point of contact for this issue is:

@ http://bgp.he.net/irr/as-set/AS-GOOGLE
remarks: For network issues, mail: nst@google.com   <==============

Is there value to your process in 'us' communicating with them directly, to see if that might get priority/action bumped on their end?


Word from Google at this point is that tunnels shouldn't geolocate anywhere for now.

If you're still getting fixed to the wrong location, ensure you don't have any leftover cookies which might be carrying you over to the bad fix, and then let us know if it persists.


I can confirm that, for my US-located HE IPv6 tunnels, with IPv6 re-enabled in Firefox, that @Google no longer appears to redirect to Taiwan -- results are returned at US sites.

Thanks for the intervention!


Yes, it looks like I no longer get redirected to www.google.com.tw.  I still see a cookie being set to cmads.com.tw, even after clearing that cookie (it is "blocked, so I don't see how it gets there anyway?) and restarting Chrome, but it does not seem to affect the default search now set to www.google.com.




They are still doing geolocation. I just went to a video on YouTube and was greeted with this video is not available in Germany.


Good catch!  I'd tested only some @google/@gmail properties, not @youtube.

Re: YouTube, here, visiting http://www.youtube.com/ lands me, seemingly correctly @ www.youtube.com (i.e., no ".tw"), but the displayed content is once again in what I think is Taiwanese.


Testing 06/15, still redirecting to Taiwanese content.  As of 06/16 ~ 8am, seems to have been fixed for @YouTube.


I'm no longer seeing Chinese AdSense ads.  When I go to google.com, that's where I stay (although it always redirects to the https: secure version); and, I no longer see the link to google.com.tw in the lower right corner.

I think they've fixed it.  (Knock on wood...)
Dave W Kelly
DAWKCo(tm) Software


If you're getting something you don't expect still, please mail ipv6@he.net what site/link you're trying, and the IPv6 address you're coming from, and your location, and I can send that off to the Google folks and see if there's any additional tweaks they need to / can do.