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Sage Certification subDomain is not a substring of Domain

Started by sigmoun, May 27, 2013, 06:42:14 AM

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In this step of certification, I want to change the domain which I am working with...
I have buy forbidden-access.com from goDaddy.com so that I can create the glue.
The problem that the HE web site, when testing the new domain does not accept it and says:

ipv6.forbidden-access.com is not a substring of ipv6.forbidden-access.org

Anyone of you has experienced a similar isssue?
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Somewhere there should be a button which will take you back to the step, where you entered the domain the first time. Then you can enter a new domain, but you will have to do the intermediate steps over again. It should go quicker this time around, as you already know, what you need to do.


Exact Kasperd, that's what they said from the support... For now I am waiting for the DNS propagation...
Thanks Kasperd !
Visit my blog : www.forbidden-access.org