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dlink dir-615-H

Started by InternetServicez, June 03, 2013, 04:09:34 PM

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can someone help me?

i'm now 2 days looking to config my ipv6 tunnel but it does not work.

Router: dLink dir 615 rev H
Hardware Version: Hx     Firmware Version: 8.03

network: public ip (router behind a switch)

Tunnel Details:

IPv6 Tunnel Endpoints

Server IPv4 Address:
Server IPv6 Address:2001:470:1f14:f1f::1/64
Client IPv4 Address:
Client IPv6 Address:2001:470:1f14:f1f::2/64
Routed IPv6 Prefixes
Routed /64:2001:470:1f15:f1f::/64
Routed /48:Assign /48
Available DNS Resolvers
Anycasted IPv6 Caching Nameserver:2001:470:20::2
Anycasted IPv4 Caching Nameserver:

printscreen dlink:


Static IPv6



First of all you need to choose the correct connection type. The two screenshots you posted are not the correct connection type. What other options are there on that dropdown menu?


thanks for te respons

This one.


You might want to firmware downrev to C, because you are missing the 6in4 tunnel option I had on my dir-615.
See images in thread: http://www.tunnelbroker.net/forums/index.php?topic=296.0


None of the connection types shown in that dropdown menu is going to work with tunnelbroker.net or any other tunnel broker. So unless they have hidden the setting somewhere else, it is never going to work with that firmware version. I suggest you take a look at broquea's link.


i think just blow my router  ;D

i install dd-wrt.com (was working fine but no iPV6 support  - flash-), then i didt a firmware upgrade and choose the dir 615 rev C ....

so de router is broken :)

Is there a router (dlink or linksys) that support iPv6 tunneling and not so expensive? (abouth 25 euro) i just needed for my study.

thanks a lot.


you might be able to revive it by holding the reset button as you turn it on for 20 seconds or so; if the power light starts flashing amber, you can put a static IP on your PC and connect to it ( if I remember correctly), and upload a firwmare image for the proper hardware revision.

This won't fix your problem since you need 6in4 that apparently the H doesn't have according to this thread, however Openwrt has some partial support apparently for the H rev so maybe that will work for you someday.  Try and trade your hardware for something that has native HE support ;)


Interesting that the DLINK web site doesn't list a revision H.  It lists revisions A, B, C, E, and I for the DIR-615 (for the U.S.).  Revision C1 definitely works because that's what I have (I have 2 of them).  http://www.dlink.com/us/en/support/product/dir-615-wireless-n-300-router

It looks as if Revision H (H1 and H2) is for the U.K., along with revision D.  Looks as if firmware 8.04 is the latest (you have version 8.03).  Maybe you need to upgrade the firmware.  You do have to stay with firmware for your hardware version.  The firmware for a different hardware version won't work.  http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/support/product/dir-615-wireless-n-300-router

Also note:  http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/24477/