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tunnel on bonding interfaces

Started by prietus, December 07, 2013, 07:06:04 AM

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hi, i have a vps.it  has two ips on bonded if0:0 if0:1. no problem to reach the tunnel endpoint. but how can i set up the tunnel with this config? pointing to me to the right posts or documentation will be appreciated.

best regards..


Does the VPS provider not have native IPv6? They must be doing something else exceptionally good, if you want to use a provider without native IPv6.

If you really want to use a tunnel from this VPS, I suggest you choose one of the public IPv4 addresses to use for the tunnel and then use one of the configuration examples written for use with a single IPv4 address.

Once you got the tunnel working, I would suggest you configure your own 6to4 relay and Teredo relay on the VPS. That way you can get much reliable communication with clients using either of those tunnel protocols. That advice applies both if you have native IPv6 and if you are using a 6in4 tunnel. If you have a public IPv4 address, using your own relay will improve reliability.

What OS are you running on the VPS?


yes they have native ipv6. but im very satisfied with the my dns (AAAA) managed by he.net.
thanks for the advices as always. Ill try those guidelines you gave me.

the vps runs Centos 6.

best regards.


Quote from: prietus on December 08, 2013, 12:50:29 AMyes they have native ipv6. but im very satisfied with the my dns (AAAA) managed by he.net.
I suppose you can use HE for DNS without using HE for tunnelling.